What is The Shift?

The Shift is a week-long even that happens once a month. During The Shift, you experience life as an alternate version of yourself who also happens to be some kind of comic book character.

During this week, you might find that you're leading two different lives: the one that you've lived this whole time, and that of your comic book persona. Don't worry, you're not alone. You might also find that you've got a pretty bad headache, but this is normal, too. The more you fight your other self, the worse the pain.

After each month's Shift, you'll find that you have little to no recollection of anything that happened. This is normal, so try not to panic too much. Rely on your friends to help guide you through this. Leave yourself notes or video messages to help fill in the blanks. Read news stories from the previous week to see what you've missed.

Does everyone experience The Shift?

No, not everyone. When The Shift happens, it affects shifters at the same time, but not everyone might experience The Shift each month. No one knows why this is the case or how this is determined. But again, you are not alone.

Do I have superpowers?

You might. If your comic book persona has superpowers, then they might show up in California, too, along with any of their belongings. This can happen during The Shift as well as outside of it. You might also gain your other persona's memories.

How long has this been happening? Why? How?

The Shifts are a phenomenon that began in Boston in 2014. We don't know how or why this is happening, but we do know that some of the big bad villains that exist in comic books seem to be behind some of this.

I'm a villain! What do I do?

You might not always like who your other persona is, and they might bring some unpleasant circumstances into your life. Keep in mind that this does not change who you are, and if you're lucky, you might be able to influence them on your own.

Is my life a lie?

No! You are still you, but now you have a secret identity of sorts. You can continue to live your life as you know it, but know that you might have these interruptions every so often.

Where can I find help?

Always remember that other people like you exist, even if they're not out in the open. Because supers are public knowledge and can live out in the open now, however, this could change. Look to your peers. The Avengers, The Justice League, the Teen Titans, the X-Men, and others like them. They're around, and they're willing to help.

What's the CSA?

The Commission on Superhuman Activities, or the CSA, is top-secret government program that was developed to monitor, study, and handle superheroes, villains, and their affairs. The general public knows that the government has stepped in to assume some responsibility for cleaning up after supers, but no one knows the extent of this program. Remember, the CSA is a secret, and supers hear about the CSA through word of mouth - or through this document.

The CSA is here to provide supers with resources, including employment. The CSA provides a wide array of jobs ranging from administrative work, (super)human resources, IT, research & development, trainers, and field work and recruitment.

Like other places of employment, the CSA provides supers who choose to work with them with various benefits. In exchange for their services, supers are provided with regular paychecks and generous health and superhero insurance. CSA supers are also provided with housing at The Presidio, a former military post where soldiers and their families lived for centuries. It is not, of course, public knowledge that this housing program exists, and some 'civilians' do live in these neighborhoods, as well. Supers are not required to participate in Presidio housing, and those who elect not to are provided with a generous housing stipend to cover their own choice of residence.