Narrative Prompts

A-Z Word Prompts

abduction abhorrent abolish ambiguous anonymous
apathy assimilate assumption authority avid
backpack banned basement beach belligerent
bisect bitter bizarre blank boycott
capable cause cease character clock
commence compel conclude consistent coporal
damned damp dark dearest delight
despicable detained dinner double doughnut
easy eating elevate embrace endeavor
entered entrapment evade evolve excitement
face fan fantasy faster feeble
feast finish fire flying frenzy
gamble games garment gentle gesture
glance glint glower gross growing
handle haste hat hatred headache
hear hidden hope hot husband
ice ice cream identity idiot illness
illusion imaginary imitate incendiary involuntary
jabber jackpot jail jeans jewelry
jogging jet-lagged joyful junk juvenile
kaleidoscope karats karma keepsake kidnapping
kindergarten kiosk kitchen knowledge kowtow
labor laborotory lady lake languid
lazy leap leash lesson lunar
machine mad magic mail mobile
map manage mangle market marriage
nagging nails namesake natural needle
negative nerd nervous nightmare numb
oatmeal objective obscure observe omelet
omission opulent organic outburst overheated
pacifist packed paid paperback perfume
permanent persuasion police pronouns prophecy
quadrant quaint quarantine quarter queen
queer question quiche quiet quote
rabbit racism radiant ravage recover
relaxation religion rental reunion rowdy
sabbatical sadist sailing sarcastic schism
silence silly soup stress striptease
table taboo tainted tenacious terminate
terrifying theater thirsty touchstone turtle
ubiquitous ugly unanimous uncomfortable underground
unrealistic unstoppable unveil urban utopia
vacant vaccination vandalism verge versatile
vigilante village volcanic vomit vulnerability
waffle wait wanton washcloth weekend
wicked whoops wildlife workload wreckage
xenophobia xerox x-rated x-ray xylophone
yacht yearbook yearning yesterday yoga
yogurt youth yuck yuletide yum
zany zealous zest zip code zipper
zodiac zombie zone zoo zoom

Lyric Prompts

Life without dreaming is a life without meaning. (Wale) I've done a lot of work to get where I'm at, but I have to keep working. (Wiz Khalifa) Living well eliminates the need for revenge. (Kanye West) Without order, nothing exists. Without chaos, nothing evolves. (Jedi Mind Tricks) They got money for wars, but can't feed the poor. (Tupac)
Thunder only happens when it's raining. (Fleetwood Mac) You're unavailable, I'm insatiable. (Demi Lovato) I'm never gonna let you close to me, even though you mean the most to me. (Sam Smith) The morning sun when it's in your face really shows your age. (Rod Stewart) You drive us wild, we'll drive you crazy. (Kiss)
This is not a moment, it's the movement. (Lin-Manuel Miranda) Workin' on our night moves in the sweet summertime. (Bob Seger) Satan wanna put me in a bow tie, pray the holy water don't go dry. (Kendrick Lamar) Saturday night ain't nothing to me. It's just a memory of blue. (Buffy Sainte-Marie) You made plans and I made problems. (Alesso & Hailee Steinfield)
I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream. (Taylor Swift) Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones. (Coldplay) I've got a thick skin and an elastic heart. (Sia) I found love where it wasn't supposed to be, right in front of me. (Amber Run) I'd rather be smoking weed whenever we breathe. (Rihanna)
My heart is gold, and my hands are cold. (Halsey) I don't want to be heard, I want to be listened to. (Twenty-One Pilots) I think I need a sunrise, I'm tired of the sunset. (Augustana) I'm the hero of this story, don't need to be saved. (Regina Spektor) One of these days the clocks will stop, and time won't mean a thing. (Foo Fighters)
Thoughts too deep to go work em out with a therapist. (Drake) Always smile in the morning it makes people wonder what you did last night. (J Cole) I want to be in the room where it happens. (Lin-Manuel Miranda) The sound of life misplaced your mind. (Journey) Moonlit wings reflect the stars that guide me towards salvation. (Toto)

Quote Prompts

Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten. (Neil Gaiman) If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything. (Gordon A. Eadie) We all have to stand on the earth itself and go with her at her pace. (Chinua Achebe) You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom. (Malcolm X) Misery won't touch you gentle. It always leaves its thumbprints on you; sometimes it leaves them for others to see, sometimes for nobody but you to know of. (Edwidge Danticat)
Healing begins where the wound was made. (Alice Walker) No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted (Aesop) Wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down. (Toni Morrison) Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it is faced. (James Baldwin) Only jailers really believe in jails. (Richard Wright)
Fighting is easy. Tranquility is hard. (Tori Eldridge) There is nothing shameful about making an honest living. (Shirley Fung) A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving. (Lao Tzu) If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path. (Buddha) Love is the absence of judgment. (Dalai Lama)
There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. (Thich Nhat Hanh) Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. (Confucius) Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever. (Gandhi) I do not think the measure of a civilization is how tall its buildings of concrete are, but rather how well its people have learned to relate to their environment and fellow man. (Sun Bear) Nostalgia is always doomed and dooming. (Sherman Alexie)
We live in the best of all possible worlds. (Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz) God is dead. (Friedrich Nietzsche) One cannot step twice in the same river. (Heraclitus) Science is what you know. Philosophy is what you don't know. (Bertrand Russell) The only thing I know is that I know nothing. (Socrates)
I didn't leave because I stopped loving you, I left because the longer I stayed the less I loved myself. (Rupi Kaur) All this time I drank you like the cure when maybe you were the poison. (Clementine von Radics) Oh what we could be if we stopped carrying the remains of who we were. (Tyler Knott Gregson) You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens. (Rumi) The dream he needed most was the dream that frightened him more (Sherman Alexie)
She was ready to deny the existence of space and time rather than admit that love might not be eternal. (Simone de Beauvoir) Hell is -- other people! (Jean-Paul Sartre) Everything I've ever let go of has claw marks on it (David Foster Wallace) You are what you are seen to be. (Erik Spiekermann) The large print giveth and the small print taketh away. (Tom Waits)
Every act of creation is first an act of destruction. (Pablo Picasso) If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got. (Albert Einstein) Give me time and I'll give you a revolution. (Alexander McQueen) Fashion changes, but style endures. (Coco Chanel) I'm not that interesting of a person. (Steve McQueen)

Question Prompts

What's the best New Year's resolution you've ever made? What event in your life has brought about the greatest life-change? How have you dealt with loss in your life? What nightmare woke you up in a panic? What's your favorite spectator sport?
When are you the most at ease with yourself? Is it better to love or be loved? If you could give some advice to all parents, what would you say? What's something that you did growing up that your parents never found out about? Do you believe in magic?
Do you like a good bargain? Do you think that all the major religions are fundamentally the same or different? What's the closest you've ever come to thinking you didn't deserve to live? What's something about yourself that you hope will change, but that probably never will? Why are we here on this Earth?
Do you believe in "love at first sight"? Why or why not? If you could be any age for the rest of your life, what age would you choose? If you could write a best-selling book, what would you write about? When was the last time you really pushed yourself to your physical limits? If you won a million dollars in the lottery, how would you spend it?
What's the secret to a long life? What do you think is the greatest problem of the human race? Was there ever a time when you were very sure of something, but were later proved wrong? How have you honored your parents? When was the last picnic you went on?
What kinds of movies do you most enjoy? What is your idea of 'cute'? What's your favorite aroma or fragrance? If you could rule the world for one day, what would you do? What allergies do you have?
If you had the chance to go anywhere for dinner tomorrow, where would you go? What's your favorite genre of literature? If you could change anything about your relationship with your parents, what would it be? How healthy or unhealthy are you with setting boundaries? How controlling a person are you?
What's something you regret losing, selling, or giving away? When have you helped a total stranger? How many different conversations can you adequately carry on at the same time? What do you believe happens after death? If you could change one thing about the culture you live in, what would it be?
What lesson did you have to learn the hard way? How would you define 'freedom'? Who is the first person you tell when something good happens to you? What or who inspires you to be all that you can be? What was your last argument about?
What is your greatest weakness? What has frustrated you in the recent past? What was the best or worst job you ever had? How do you deal with doubt? Who are you when no one is looking?

Sentence Starters

I opened my eyes, and had no idea where I was. Did your brain just break? (S)He was heading back to the one place he hoped (s)he'd never have to see again. A road trip was just the thing I needed. I've been crying myself to sleep for months.
Today was the day I would find out if my entire life was a lie. We don't need mutations to strip men of their humanity. All I know for sure is that you can't rely on the past. There were only three of us left, three of us alive in the world. At first, I thought it was the cat making that noise, until it wound between my feet.
Unfortunately, it wasn't my suitcase I had picked up at the airport. Every time I hear the ice cream truck, I feel frightened. It's been years since I last cried. I really hadn't planned on becoming a hostage when I entered the bank that morning. Wait, how did you get out of there?
I swear that I'm not heartless. Could you please remember that I'm on your side? Insecurity is not an attractive trait, yet here we are. I had the same dream every night and it was starting to scare me. Suddenly I felt that I was very underdressed.
It's been one hell of a weekend. We are quite concerned that you're going crazy. The music was slowing, the song was almost over, but we couldn't stop dancing. Just... don't join a cult today, okay? It can wait until tomorrow. So, tell me the truth, how scary was I?
Everything's just fine and fuckin' dandy. (S)He had no regard for her/his life, nor anyone else's. Could you please stop sharpening the knives?! Sometimes it's better to just embrace the darkness. The cold spread through my body before I ever saw it.
The easiest part of life is the dying. Promise me one thing... I'm not exactly sure how it happened. The letter arrived, but with no postage. Even as the blood dripped from my fingertips, I could feel no pain.
I can feel it growing inside me every minute of the day. I don't understand why this time should be any different We never expected it to end this way How did I get into this mess? When did the nights become so cold?
It's time to return to the land of the living I don't understand what I did wrong I don't want to be a hero -- heroes get other people killed. The best part of my day is when I finally see him/her Sometimes it feels like if we're not breaking up, we're breaking down
That really sounded a lot cooler in my head Did I really just say that out loud Our survival is not a mistake I woke with the ghost of a kiss on my lips It echoed through my bones like a bell
Each memory was a piece of myself tucked away in the folds of time I'm pretty sure something just bit me Christ, you have the killer instincts of a house plant I was frantically looking for a bathroom I don't know where I am, but this doesn't look like home
What doesn't kill you will make you wish you were dead Pretty sure I had two eyebrows when I fell asleep Every time I turn around, there's someone in my way Those who claimed to be ocean lovers had obviously never swam in this one That really can't be normal