rewards outline

rewards are the community's point-based system that allows members to unlock their comic character's special attributes and items for use in the game, as well as to claim additional activity-related perks.

points may be accumulated over time to redeem any of the following:

Note that locations tied to characters are considered to be automatically unlocked in both AU and CV. This is to avoid the dilemma of, "what happens to a location when a player who 'owns' it leaves?" Locations also include all rooms and quarters contained within.

Players can also unlock pets that are tied to their CV identity. This can work in a number of ways. A player can choose to unlock a super pet in a number of ways. Kamala Khan could unlock Lockjaw, for example, and have a new dog, or that player could choose to give the powers that Lockjaw possesses to an already-existing pet.

When structuring your rewards, please take into consideration that we allow larger umbrella unlocks rather than going about unlocking certain abilities one by one. For example, unlocking a CV's alien physiology unlocks everything under alien physiology, as listed on a character's wiki page. Using Bruce Wayne's Wiki page as an example, unlocking Peak Human Condition would unlock everything that falls underneath that bullet point, and that everything that falls under that bullet point is already available for a player to utilize as they wish. Players can choose to play this out at their own pace so that their characters to "discover" and utilize each unlocked ability one by one, if they so choose, rather than in one fell swoop. Conversely, they are welcome to do that, as well.

We will occasionally allow characters to unlock an off-canon reward, e.g. Deadpool can unlock a Green Lantern power ring. These off-canon rewards are open to any power or item in any of the comics universes that are available for game play. Please consider off-canon items to be magical duplicates of their originals, which does mean that an item may be unlocked by multiple characters but only the canonical comicverse character will be in possession of the original. As we expand the ~skylines universe to include publishers beyond Marvel and DC, off-canon rewards from other publishers can be folded in, as well. Items and abilities that originate with licensed characters from these publishers can be unlocked even if the CV is not available for game play, e.g. Indiana Jones (Dark Horse) is not a playable cv because he's a licensed character, but a player could unlock his fedora during a period where off-canon rewards are allowed

We ask that players use their best judgement when unlocking off-canon rewards, and that they remain mindful of the cultural significance of certain CV characters and items as they incorporate them into the game.

point tracking

to participate in the rewards program, simply leave a reply to your character's provided thread in the activity tracker with a link to your post/thread, stating the number of points that it earns. please note that posts dropped off with a claim of reward points will not be counted toward the month's regular activity requirements!

points may be claimed for the following: